Friday, June 28, 2013

Star Wars Diorama diplays

A little more about myself, during my Star Wars crazy days.
About 8 years ago I decided to make some various Star Wars diorama's. I had been searching on the internet looking for others who have made various diorama's using Kenner or Hasbro Star Wars action figures. There were alot of people that have, and shared how they made them. I printed out about a box of templates of Death Star enterior patterns, along with various other templates that I found on the internet.

I started out with the cantina scene. I used foam core board and and a pencil, along with an exacto knife and hot glue. It was alot of fun to make. I wanted to make my game room more interesting, mostly so I would have something cool to look at while gaming.

Next I made a Hoth scene. I used the wall patch putty to make the layout, which was white in color and perfect for snow. The scene is of a crashed snow speeder near apart of the snow trenches.

 Snowtrooper setting up blaster cannon near downed snowspeeder.

 Finished Hoth Scene 1

Hoth Scene 2

Mos Eisley scene outside of docking bay 94

Completed Mos Eisley scene

Trash Compactor 3263827 scene 1

Detention Block 2180

Bounty Hunter scene aboard Darth Vader's Star Destroyer.

 Darth Vader meets Obi-Wan again in the Death Star

Death Star Scene 1

Death Star Scene 2

Death Star Scene 2

Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight battling Rancor at Jabba's Palace

Luke Skywalker attacked by Tusken raiders scene

Tusken raiders on a Bantha

Death Star Scene 3 Tie fighter hanger bay

Chewbacca discussing Han Solo's rescue during the Shadows of the Empire

The Clone Wars Begin

Battle of Endor -  Attack on the Generator bunker

Speeder bike chase on Endor

Leia on speeder bike

Scout troopers chasing Luke and Leia on Endor

Imperial boarding of Tantive IV

Various shots of my Star Wars Diorama in my game room.

The game room has changed a little since this picture was taken. I sold all of my action figures on the wall.

Boba Fett costume I bought years ago, the Helm signed by Jeremy Bulloch

My Stormtrooper armor that I used while in the 501st Stormtrooper Legion. I was TK-0370 aka Dirty Tom. I also had a scout trooper costume that belong to the very first Legion Commander Scott Hawkins. When I joined there was only about 700 members. Now there are thousands.

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