Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Battle of Ashfil (Planet of the Apes) (2nd ACW) 3081AD

Planet of the Apes 2nd Civil War

In March of 3081AD a renegade army of chimpanzee's lead by a chimpanzee rebel named Luscious have succeeded from Ape City and have formed their own City-State government in Ashfil. They have taken a defensive posture against invasion from General Urko. A small garrison controlled by Ape city is near Ashfil and General Urko uses this as a launching point for an invasion into Ashfil to crush the newly formed City-State. Urko marches his forces through a small gap in the forbidden zone and fords the Ashfil river in two places and occupies the river garrison in preparation for the attack.  

Figures are 40mm scale Graven Images apes, with 42mm Horses from Irregular Miniatures.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Battle of Oretis 317 BC (Wargods of Olympus) Roman-Macedonian Wars

After the Macedonians invade Carthage the Roman Empire invades Macedonia sailing warships from Italy.  The Romans do a amphibious landing off the coast of Illyrian and spearhead the invasion through the Illyrian to reach Macedonia and meet Phillip II and his son Alexander at Oretis near Lake Kastoria. 
(This is a fictitious battle, in the Wargods of Olympus mythodgy world)

Battle of Oretis 
317 BC

Updated 10/13/2017
Macedonia turns the Roman right flank after a long cavalry battle on the right flank

Update 10/12/2017

Beginning of Battle 09/24/2017